History posts feature original research on all themes, regions, and periods, as well as pedagogical and methodological innovations, from scholars from all relevant disciplines, students and practitioners. In addition, History currently features a special series: Critical Spaces, which brings together a range of historical perspectives on historical spaces, belonging, and movement.

History also provides a platform for discussions of new publications. If you are interested in contributing a post to support your new publication, this could appear in a variety of formats (monograph overview, related research, methodological essays, interviews, etc) either as an original piece, or in our special series.

Please consult our submission guidelines before submitting your pitch or post.

Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces invites authors to critically examine elements of their research relating to ‘public space’, broadly defined, from a range of perspectives and historical disciplines. Posts exploring public, private or liminal spaces; belonging or exclusion; borders, movement, or infrastructure are encouraged – though this list is by no means exhaustive. If you wish to discuss a submission to this series, please do get in touch.

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