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Communications and Complaints: Revisiting Nineteenth-Century Germany

JEAN-MICHEL JOHNSTON We’ve all been there: a patchy Zoom connection, an interrupted online transaction, a YouTube video that just won’t load. We all recognise the everyday frustrations that come with the malfunctioning of the Internet, even as we celebrate ever faster broadband or cheaper… Continue Reading “Communications and Complaints: Revisiting Nineteenth-Century Germany”

Lucy Jane Santos’ ‘Half Lives: The Unlikely History of Radium’

Lucy Jane Santos In the late 19th century that Wilhelm Röntgen discovered a previously unknown form of powerful radiation that was invisible to the human eye. This type of ray, which no one (including Röntgen) fully understood at the time, was so mysterious that… Continue Reading “Lucy Jane Santos’ ‘Half Lives: The Unlikely History of Radium’”

How to Run an Empire: Early Modern Style

L.H. Roper Dr C. Annemieke Romein recently offered a very helpful discussion here of how the habitual misunderstanding and misuse of nineteenth-century characterisations of ‘-isms’ and ‘the state’ continue to obscure our understanding of the nature and history of European government prior to 1789. … Continue Reading “How to Run an Empire: Early Modern Style”