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The British Army’s Chinese Auxiliaries in Arctic Russia

Yuexin Rachel Lin While conducting research in the Academia Sinica digital archives in 2017, I stumbled across a remarkable document: A list of Chinese workers, part of a labour company recruited by the Slavo-British Legion in the northern Russian cities of Murmansk and Archangel….

Becoming a Virtual Historical Tour Guide: Where to Start

Eleanor Janega Historical tours have long been a mainstay of popular history. In central London, for example, on any given day one can witness flocks of tourists following their intrepid guides – umbrellas aloft – down footpaths too narrow to accommodate them all. In…

What Does ‘Inclusion’ Include?: Making Space for Students

Erin Katherine Krafft One of the courses that I teach most frequently is a social theory course for students in their second year of college. I teach no first-year courses, so the students are new to me, and I am new to them. On…

Not a bit “English”: Architecture, Emotions and Empire in a “Muslim World”

Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi. In 2011, I visited the Morsalin Hospital in Kerman (southern Iran) for the first time. I intended to work on the revitalisation plan of a historic hospital for my MA dissertation, and I was advised to focus on this hospital –…

Running Tudor England’s Second City: The Accounts of the Chamberlains of Norwich, 1539-45

All information cited in the body of this text are taken from Rawcliffe, C, The Norwich Chamberlains Accounts 1539-40 to 1544-45. vol. 83, Norfolk Records Society, (Norwich, 2019). Please consult this volume if you wish to follow up and reference anything below.  Carole Rawcliffe….