In addition to academic article submissions to our print journal, we welcome contributions to the website from a range of geographical, methodological or historical perspectives, and from all levels of study inside and outside ‘the academy’. History blog posts or other features can be based on interesting and relevant aspects of scholarly research, methodology, or pedagogy, and can be related to a specific project or to a stand alone strand of research. We also run a special series: Critical Spaces, which brings together a range of historical perspectives on historical spaces, belonging, and movement. Alternatively, submissions may be tied to current events or an upcoming date or anniversary.

Possible topics for exploration include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Pieces based on an article you have forthcoming in History;
  • Aspects of your research or methodology which are innovative, reflective, or likely to elicit wider public attention;
  • Research-driven reflections upon current events or an upcoming date or anniversary;
  • An interview about your forthcoming or recent publication (either as a podcast, blog, or interview transcript over email);
  • Commentary on an exhibition or heritage initiative related to your research;
  • Reflections upon innovative or inclusive pedagogical practice in higher education.

Style Guidelines for Bloggers:

Blog posts should generally be between 800-1200 words. We can host longer pieces at the editors’ agreement; alternatively we can split longer posts into ‘parts’ if and when that feels appropriate.

Submissions should be written with a non-specialist audience in mind, so please write in an accessible manner, and with a clear argument. Explain concepts and theories clearly, and use hyperlinks where possible in the place of footnotes to clarify terms, and reference other works or reference materials. Footnotes can be used for explanatory notes, and to cite print sources which cannot be referenced with a hyperlink. These will appear at the bottom of your post.

Paragraphs need to be much shorter than usual, to improve readability on a web page and smaller devices – around 6 lines long maximum. Subheadings are a useful way of breaking up a text and improving a post’s readability.

Please include at least two relevant images, which are in the public domain or for which you have/have obtained permission, along with clear attribution information, and a description for the captions. One of these images should be landscape in format, to be used as the post’s ‘featured image’. We also welcome your use of other media, again as long as this is in the public domain, or you have obtained permission and clear attribution information. 

Please also include a short bio (relevant links to Twitter, other projects etc welcome and encouraged), to be included with your post, along with up to 10 appropriate keywords, and any useful hashtags. Please send all submissions as a text document to our Editorial Fellow Gabrielle Storey [], who will review your post and return it with suggestions, usually in track changes or comments.

Journal Submissions

Full journal articles should follow History‘s editorial guidelines, and submissions to our journal can be made here. With enquiries and pitches for the journal, please contact a relevant member of the ECR Board, the journal’s Editorial Assistant Dannielle Shaw [], or our Editor-in-Chief, Becky Taylor.

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