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John Stearne’s Confirmation and discovery of witchcraft

New Book Interview: Scott Eaton, John Stearne’s Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft: Text, Context and Afterlife (Routledge, 2020). History: How did this project develop? Where did your interest in the subject originate? Scott: My interest in the history of witchcraft started during my BA at Ulster University… Continue Reading “John Stearne’s Confirmation and discovery of witchcraft”

Prosecuting Procurement in the Russian Empire

Siobhán Hearne. Panic over sex trafficking and the procurement of young women and girls for prostitution reached a crescendo in the early 1900s across Europe and the Americas. Government officials, doctors, jurists, and members of philanthropic organisations met at international congresses dedicated to tackling… Continue Reading “Prosecuting Procurement in the Russian Empire”

Redefining the ‘Born’ Murderer: Lombrosian Legacies in Early Soviet Criminological Discourse.

Mark Vincent. The 1876 publication of Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso’s L’uomo delinquent (‘Criminal Man’) caused quite a stir amongst professionals in late Imperial Russia, in addition to the field of Western social scientists. Whilst some elements of Lombrosian thought, such as inherited criminal impulses, a link… Continue Reading “Redefining the ‘Born’ Murderer: Lombrosian Legacies in Early Soviet Criminological Discourse.”