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Material Culture and Identities: The Case of Eighteenth Century Toby Jugs

Kerry Love A main principle of material culture theory (the study of objects and their relationships to people) is that they can reflect or shape the people who lived alongside them in any given time. I have always enjoyed studying objects more than any… Continue Reading “Material Culture and Identities: The Case of Eighteenth Century Toby Jugs”

Feeling Sickness: Emotional responses to pandemic diseases

Monica O’Brien It’s a wintery afternoon and, once again, I’m scrolling through news articles about Covid-19. Since countries entered their first lockdowns, much has been written on the pandemic’s emotional and psychological impacts.  Loss, loneliness, fear, stress, anger; these emotions figure prominently in many… Continue Reading “Feeling Sickness: Emotional responses to pandemic diseases”

Remembering English Saints in 2020: A Pilgrimage in Print

Stained glass window from Canterbury Cathedral depicting the cure of woman through prayer to St Thomas a Becket

Paul Webster 2020 will be a year that lives long in the memory.  For historians of the medieval saints, and at cathedrals and great churches across England, and for historians of the medieval saints, it began as a major anniversary year. The Association of English… Continue Reading “Remembering English Saints in 2020: A Pilgrimage in Print”

A Global History of Sex and Gender

Hannah Telling What is gender history and why does it matter? For me, it is a discipline that provides a fascinating insight into the often-overlooked aspects of history. I was first introduced to gender history as an undergraduate and the University of Edinburgh, when… Continue Reading “A Global History of Sex and Gender”

Heritage or Highway: York’s city walls as tourist and civil infrastructure

Louisa Hood This blog explores two very particular histories of York’s city walls. Although known generally as Roman or medieval defences, the social, material, economic, and other histories of the walls are layered, obscured, or unknown. York’s extant walls are a key aspect of… Continue Reading “Heritage or Highway: York’s city walls as tourist and civil infrastructure”

John Stearne’s Confirmation and discovery of witchcraft

New Book Interview: Scott Eaton, John Stearne’s Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft: Text, Context and Afterlife (Routledge, 2020). History: How did this project develop? Where did your interest in the subject originate? Scott: My interest in the history of witchcraft started during my BA at Ulster University… Continue Reading “John Stearne’s Confirmation and discovery of witchcraft”

Reading Russian Sources

George Gilbert Reading Russian Sources: creating a new edited collection When I was tasked with editing the collection Reading Russian Sources for Routledge, one of the first questions that came to mind – and the spirit I will be approaching this blog post with – is,… Continue Reading “Reading Russian Sources”